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If you’d like to do something that relaxes your stressed mind, while simultaneously improves your cognitive ability, literacy, and understanding of yourself as a human being, you may try your hand at art. Science shows that the process of painting, drawing, and sculpting provides all these perks and more. Even if you’ve ridden yourself off as someone who’s “not creative,” or “can’t draw,” you may want to reconsider the benefits of art-making. You don’t have to be an expert to give it a shot.

A study performed on medical students showed that doctors who were engaged in the arts had improved diagnostic skills and mind-eye connection. Training in art conditions us to be more observant and fully aware in our daily lives, because it encourages careful thinking and examination. By engaging our minds in this non-traditional method of learning, we’re able to expand the breadth of our sensory consciousness.

Art is a legitimate form of therapy, for which doctors and psychologists earn degrees. Not only is the process cathartic, it’s revealing; you can learn things about your unconscious mind by what appears on the paper. Being able to express yourself creatively has proven to be healing, for children and adults alike. Trauma is worked through with more natural ease with the aid of drawing and painting. Also, the feeling of having created something is incredibly rewarding: it fuels in us a sense of self-esteem and personal accomplishment.

So do yourself a favor: set aside time to pick up a paint brush and enroll in a local art class with a friend. Remember to enjoy the process and be willing to laugh at yourself. If you can do that, you may end up with a new piece of art for the walls and an enriched sense of self.


So I haven’t been blogging for the past however-long, but man has stuff been happening. The blood is flowing here in Orlando’s art scene, and I’ve jumped back into it with ruthless ambition. In case I forgot to mention, I graduated from the Memphis College of Art this May. I am now an educated, trained “Fine Artist”, with a piece of paper to prove it. I had one last solo show in Memphis at a place called Empire Studio.  A few days after graduating, Me, Jake, and our new puppy Henry loaded up our car and drove to Orlando. This is where our new life is going to take root.

I wanted to be re-immersed in the fantastic art scene here. Its growing, evolving, its exciting: the way art ought to be. I volunteered for a couple events at the Mez and the City Arts Factory, which was a great way to get on a high rise and sip free wine while shooting the breeze with some of Orlando’s top curators and art advocates. But I wanted a job. So I prayed for one, I sought one out. And you know what? God gave me one.

I am currently employed at Baterbys Art Gallery on International Drive. Our collection includes signed prints and originals from Picasso, Dali, Bonnard, Matisse, Miro, Chagall, and Giacometti. Just being here is a thrill in and of itself. The staff are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. If you haven’t yet visited this amazing gallery, I urge you to make the trip.Being able to work on my own paintings after being immersed in art all day is inspiring, enriching. Whats next? I’m excited to find out.



My work was recently used at the Highland Church of Christ for a sermon series. Check out the work done on them by Candice Goff!

The Heidi Series

Hi folks! Sorry I’ve been slow on the updates. I wanted to let everyone know that four of my paintings have been selected to be in this years exhibition of The Heidi Series! The show will be at the Rose Harrington Gallery, and opening night is this Friday, Dec 2nd. All works are on sale! I hope to see some of you there!


Mirror Paint Sketches

Sketch Book